Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Mixtape #12 - Hangin Around - mp3

This week we are going on another wild ride through several decades and genres of music... yet somehow all the songs are strangely cohesive.

Of course, in honor of the day of my native country's independence I've started off with MC5's 'Back in the USA'. Going on, the mix then dips it's toe in the 90s, 70s, and then adds a generous dollop of brand new contemporary fun music to make it extra sweet. Enjoy!

Download or just listen to the mp3 version by clicking below
Friday Mixtape #12 - Hangin Around

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This week's mix is made up of:
1. Back in the USA - MC5
2. Legal Man - Belle & Sebastian
3. Hypocrite - Lush
4. Hangin' Around - The Stranglers
5. Let Go of the Fear - Maps
6. Problemes D'amour - Alexander Robotnik
7. Bournemouth - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
8. Lights Out - Santigold
9. Virginia Plain - Roxy Music
10. La Journee D'Isabelle - Isabelle De Fun├Ęs

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