Monday, August 10, 2009

State Mix - Talulah Does The Hula mp3

I've got a wedding in Bristol this week, and therefore am not going to be anywhere near a computer for nearly FIVE WHOLE DAYS. Whoa! Awesome I know. Therefore, no mixtape 17 will not be happenin' this week. But fear not, for I have a solution if you have some kind of an addiction to mixtapes of a Friday.

For those of you "in the know" you'll know that I spend a good bit of my time playing in a band, Talulah Does The Hula. This mix was one I actually put together earlier for of all the music which is a bit inspire-y of the kind of music TDTH makes. Do be sure to check out the other mixes they've got there on the site. They're pretty much all way better than the badly mixed one I did.

Download & Listen Here!
MP3: State Mix #9 - Talulah Does The Hula

And apologies to State if I steal any of their bandwidth... though I doubt I've enough people following this blog to make anyone notice!

Included on the mix:
1. New Order – Ceremony
2. Friendly Fires – Ex-Lover
3. Delphine – La Fermeture Eclair
4. Dolly Mixture – My Rainbow Valley
5. Orange Juice – Falling and Laughing
6. The Fall – C.R.E.E.P.
7. Visitors – Bliss
8. Pink Grease – Ordinary Girl
9. Pulp – Babies
10. The Crystals – He’s a Rebel
11. Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning

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