Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Mixtape #31 - Reunited - mp3

This week's mix is a bit strange... uplifting yet dark, a bit twinkly and warm with fuzzy guitars and swinging hips and booming synth raptures before finishing up with a walk through memories of teenage love. It makes me feel like donning a fringey shift dress and going barefoot on shag carpet doing bad renditions of long lost dances... It's all very cozy and atmospheric and a perfect winter treat for weekend shut-ins who want to sup wine and boogie with their mates.

Download or just listen to:
Friday Mixtape #31 - Reunited

What you'll hear this week:
1. Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
2. She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
3. Herman's Hermits - Jezebel
4. Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
5. Fan Death - Reunited
6. Kiss In Cities - U R My Girl
7. Human League - Open Your Heart
8. The Smiths - Frankly Mr. Shankly
9. Lesley Duncan - You Kissed Me Boy
10. The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking in the Sand)

xoxo jessie

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